March 16, 2009

It's a boys!

You should know about our gilled playthings. Especially, you should know about our recent gilled hatchlings!

Since the pods were deposited nearly a month ago, we had lost hope of any birthing. I suppose it takes about 3- 4 weeks for those tiny shells to harden enough to hit the streets, but I felt certain they had all became aborts. Today even, I secretly schemed to steal those pods and have a look see 'neath the microscope. I was distracted though, by promises of walks along poo ridden docks. And so it was not until we returned, hours later, with fresh flakes for fish feasting, that I noticed babies.

They are small! They are scarcely larger than the water's meniscus!! My camera's eye is not so precise as to take in the fine details of such small creatures, but this will serve as a sample:

You see!? And here they gather about on the squeegee:

You are curious to see the parents?

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