April 12, 2009


You know how excited I am about these baby snails. Another pod hatched, so now we have double time babies. The older ones are getting to be so big...

We also hatched 3 tadpole shrimps. When the last batch died, we let the water evaporate (as instructed by our instructions), then filled the tank back up and waited. I was very very doubtful that anything could rise from such muck, but to my surprise, they hatched rather quickly. It was a glorious discovery. They've already grown egg sacks too!

It seems we are very good breeders!

A few weeks ago, we went to the park so that I might collect moss and whatnot for a terrarium. A terrarium turned into four terrariums, but they are all very lovely! I have plans for others which involve succulents. Those terrarium things are really really fun, but this is not my story! I brought my camera to the park, of course, and I am grateful that I did for we were greeted by this stupid, awful creature I shall call Squirts.

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