August 25, 2009


I didn't really do a good job with my list this weekend. I did, however, go to a craft show instead.

Have you seen this trailer yet? Perhaps I'm slow

It seems sort of wonderful!

I was in the bookstore today buyin' some books, and I happened upon this little book titled I'm Not Hanging Noodles On Your Ears. It's a compilation of idioms from different languages and it's fantastic! I have found that I thoroughly enjoy books about words and language. Last year I borrowed a book from the library titled, There's a Word for It: A Grandiloquent Guide to Life. After reading it, I made a short list of definitions for words that I cannot seem to locate. Does that make sense? I mean, I've searched for words that seemingly don't exist, but they must exist - there's a word for everything. I've held off e-mailing them to the author in fear that my list might be laughable to him.

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