September 2, 2009


We have whining fights every so often. Tonight, I want ice cream and he wants juice but neither of us are willing to tear ourselves away from our computers and walk or drive our lazy asses down the street. So we will continue to yelp "I want ice cream!" or "I want juice" at each other repeatedly for the evening.

I have completed an application for a craft show in December. I am most nervous about this, and I don't think I can wait until October to find out if I was accepted. I am going to begin making right away. I have to make a sign, table cloth, and displays also. With all of this preparation, it will be quite a blow to find out I won't be a vendor. I am, however, long over-due for skin thickenin'.

How'd you like one of those beauties decorating the folds of your wallet? I got 250 of 'em for $2.00 (had to pay for those elegant rounded corners). Now it's to gettin' rid of 'em anywhere.

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