April 16, 2010

Art Star Craft Bazaar

I applied for Art Star and anxiously awaited for the application deadline to see if I would receive that e-mail announcing my acceptance.
I don't know why I was so hung-up on this particular craft fair. I went to it last year before my shoppe was even in acceptable shape, and I suppose I made it a sort of goal to do it this year.
Anyway, about a week after the announcement e-mail went out, I received a call from Megan letting me know that I had been accepted but their e-mails to me all bounced back.
Doofus made a typo on the application. So, I'm in and I'm very much looking forward to it.

I have not mentioned this before, but there is also a cute little store in Nashville Tennessee called Bella Aeris that I am consigning a couple prints with.

My website is coming along slowly. I started from scratch, which I usually don't have to do. I can usually recycle some code from the previous layout. But I wanted something totally different this time, so I trashed it all. I also ditched the massive galleries I have used in the past, and traded them for small yet fancy javascript galleries.

Here is a little taste:

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