January 17, 2011

Log - March 18, 2005

me (9:53:01 PM): happy potato spud day :-P

he (9:53:24 PM): Where are my snails??

me (9:53:39 PM): you misplaced them?

he (9:53:59 PM): They've made off, tiny homes and all.

me (9:54:32 PM): oh dearie me! you know, they are always so unstable. that is why they keep their homes on their back.

he (9:55:08 PM): They also their deceit there as well. <>:o

me (9:55:32 PM): they also their deceit there as well
me (9:55:33 PM): ?
me (9:55:46 PM): speak no more engrish! my ears don't listen in your language!

he (9:55:51 PM): They also keep their deceit there as well.

he (9:56:11 PM): Read what I think, infidel!!

me (9:56:25 PM): oh snap!!!!

he (9:58:51 PM): I was in the piss house.

me (9:59:26 PM): ooooh this caused your crankiness.

he (9:59:36 PM): yes'm

me (9:59:44 PM): what is the piss house ma'am?

he (10:02:00 PM): 'tis a pis receptical

me (10:02:27 PM): are you drunken?

he (10:02:42 PM): no'm, I am filled with laughters

me (10:02:43 PM): you're a mess

he (10:02:55 PM): You are a tender cake of reason!

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Anonymous said...

an online garden state moment for sure.