July 25, 2009

Some Newness

I've made many changes in the past week to that Shoppe of mine in the way of prices and offerings.

I've added magnets,prints on watercolor paper, and prints on photo paper that has a lovely pearlescent surface. The giclees on watercolor paper are so nice. You can hardly tell the difference between the original and the print.

I also made a logo :)

Once I get everything listed, I'm going to try and force myself to get that tentacle done. I was foolishly under the impression that the clay I chose for the shell part of the mold wasn't going to require any mold release. And once that crap hardened it was quite apparent that I did in fact need it. So in my desperation to salvage my tentacle, I sawed it with a dremel, sliced it with a box cutter, and picked at it with a paint scraper. The end result was a missing sucker, chipped textures, and a goddamn incision about an inch long in the side. By the end of the ordeal I was wounded and disheartened. I have snubbed it for over a month and I think it's high time I repair it and finish it.

On another note, so far this month my work has laid off 8 people. This leaves only a handful of us left and with the most recent layoff being just yesterday, i suspect that I've propbably got 2 weeks at most left. Working at this place has been strange from the beginning, and I'm curious to see how it will end.


mentalmulch said...

Love the Ear print! And Soot says HI!

belly said...

Oh Hello! That little hairball beastie, I need to make more of those. I was looking at your paintings and they gave me quite a larf!