July 27, 2009

In which we find class

Jewelry is not something I ever really cared for making, but I find myself coming up with lots ideas for some lately. I hardly wear jewelry, even though I really like it. Especially gaudy costume jewelry.

I've made 4 of those brooches so far, and painted each one just slightly different but this one I am most satisfied with. You might not be able to tell from the photo, but there is some brown in it, to make it seem more like vintage pewter.

I really like the dog and crown on it:

The other painted piece in the top photo I think I'll make into a pin as it is just a little bit too large for a ring. The other two tinier pieces are just smaller versions of it, and I think I will make those into rings as well as pins.
I tried to make a tentacle sucker ring out of sculpey before, and it snapped fairly easily so I think I'll opt for some ring bases this time.

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mentalmulch said...

These are nice! I agree on the dog/crown piece. Lovely details. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!