August 5, 2009


It took me over an hour, but I went through much of my photos and deleted 8 gigs tonight. That's a lot of damn pictures! I have 5 gigs on another drive that I will get to eventually. While sorting through all of those files, I found that I really do have a thing for peacocks. I'm quite envious of their plummage...

I demand of you to click on that last one and look at 'im in full bloom


mentalmulch said...

Last week I loaded a usb flash drive with over 3 thousand pictures from my computer...should have gotten a bigger one than a 4 gig because there is still over a thousand more pictures left on my computer.
I deleted the other ones from my computer,but still have to weed through them on the usb. Something I'm not looking forward doing!:(

Peacocks are lovely. Nice pics!

belly said...

It's grueling work weeding through pictures. I wish I had kept count of how many I deleted