August 9, 2009

Weekend Tasks

I made a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend. I am some sort of chronic list maker. My bag is filled with lists written on tiny papers and folded up. My old desk was scattered with lists upon lists. Some were duplicates and some were triplicates. Anyway, I lost the list I wrote on Friday, but I still managed to get a lot done.

Tom had brought home this wonderfully ridiculous chair from work a few weeks ago.

It was dirty as hell, but quite comfortable! It required some primping so we headed for the fabric store. Here is what it looks like after some reupholstering and spray paint:

While at the fabric store I finally caved and bought a brand new sewing machine. I was hoping to acquire one for super cheap but it was on sale for $100 so I decided to do it. I played with it today, and successfully sewed myself a little pouch. It's very exciting.

I also finished some clay earrings and a pin I had started earlier. I baked about 6 others tonight, but I will probably save the painting of those for another day.

It's really bugging me that I lost that list. I know I was supposed to work on the tentacle which I somehow forgot - probably due to all the excitement over the sewing machine. I suppose I'll just have to write a new list. For now though, I am going to work on adding color to my gilled thing. Here is what I did so far this morning:


mentalmulch said...

Lists are good. For me it's more like little notes to help me remember info for the things I'm listing for sale,what pictures I want to upload to ebay,etsy,my blog,flickr and ideas for new projects. The notes ended up here and there, now I have a spiral bound note book to keep them in. Keeps them all contained.
Love the new material on the chair. Looks comfy! Congrats on the new sewing machine!!! Is this your first time sewing? Like the pic of you with the earrings and pin-Nice!
And the gilled thing is pretty interesting. :)

belly said...

I've been keeping a small notebook w/me for a few years - copying over the lists and whatnot to a new one as each one runs out of paper. It's like my own little personal reference book.
This is my first time sewing. I was once wild, now I'm utterly domesticated :)