September 15, 2009

Ah, beasties

I've got some photos to share of my beasties, I am accumulating quite a collection...

On the far right, is the biggest one:

Here is the first one I made by felting:

(His hair needs fixing, it is awkward and thick and usually stands straight up.)

Most importantly though, is my white one. I am all sorts of giddy about him - he's precious and sweet!
After forcing Tom into discussing names for the little wad of hair, he suggested the most fitting for him alone, and as a pair with Soot...

So then, he will be called Cinder!

Soot & Cinder


mentalmulch said...

Oh my they're multiplying! In the first pic it looks like they are just hanging out chilling. I got my eye on the white one. :) Cinder is a great name for it!

belly said...

I sort of went on a sooting spree. Now I'm working on the cinders and hopefully I'll have some posted next week!