September 12, 2009

clay and other assorted beasties

I started working on some new clay creatures. One is a squid mermaid! I won't share until I have completed more of her though. Tentacle is ready for the second part of mold-making. If the craft stores around here weren't so completely shitty and useless, I would be able to get to it, instead of having to order everything online.
It really gets my goiter!
I did make this little lovely:

Her sadness is undeniable!
That is not painted. It is my terrible baking skills that turned her those colors. But, I rather like it, and I'll probably paint her in a similar way.

I'm also preparing a larger Soot beastie, and messing around with white wool. Perhaps the white beasties will be Smogs.
I bought some felting needles today,(successfully bled myself with them too) and experimented with making felted Soots. I don't think I care for the felted ones alone, they are not sturdy enough. I like the clay innards, a light breeze won't send them toppling over. So I'm going to try felting, with clay innards.

There is more to relay, but that is all the reporting I can muster for this evening.

G'night then


Hey Harriet said...

She is so sweet! Sad little things really appeal to me. And yay for bad baking skills because she turned out wonderfully I think! I think this is my first time visiting your blog and it's very lovely :)

belly said...

Oh, thank you! I burn everything but I always paint them so I'm saved. I just visited your blog recently! I found it from the POE blog when I was updating links.

mentalmulch said...

Loving the sad little one! Like her all burnt. I want!
Larger Soots and Smogs...awesome!
Ouch! Those felting needles are wicked...poked my fingers with them a few times too!
Hope you had a nice weekend!

belly said...

Felting needles hurt, but it is so much fun. I felted a wad of cat fur. Is that gross? I want to collect enough fur to make a tiny felted doppelganger of my cat!
I'm not sold on the name "Smog" yet, but they are going to be so cute